William Bell M.D.

EmergeOrtho: Foothills Region - Morganton
503 East Parker Road
Morganton NC 28655

Additional Offices

841 Malcolm Boulevard
Rutherford College NC 28671

Hand Reviews

“My experience for my entire procedure was great. I felt well cared for and will use Dr. Bell for the surgery on my other hand. Thank you for all you did for me.”
– Kay C.
“Exceptional care and was terrific with our daughter Maddie. She got immediately seen, and Dr. Bell did a fantastic job of keeping her calm while her finger got sutured together.”
– Maddie B.
“Dr. Bell is an excellent Doctor. In addition to being a great Surgeon, he has a fantastic manner. He preformed carpel tunnel surgery on each of my hands both are now pain free. Thanks Dr. Bell.”
– Jimmy W.

Elbow Reviews

“Dr. Bell is amazing. He walked me through each step of my surgery and is walking me through each step of my rehab. Very professional and very caring doctor.”
– Kristie H.
“Outstanding, very lovely and friendly. Dr. Bell took the time to listen to your concerns.”
– Tracy S.
“Dr. Bell is a professional, answered questions, efficient, and pleasing personality.”
– Martha M.
“Very informative and professional.”
– Pamela S.
“Dr. Bell was very nice and informative with my diagnosis. Looking forward to seeing him perform my hand surgery.”
– Gregory B.
“The staff was friendly. I did not have to wait too long.”
– Sandra S.
“He was accommodating and took the time to listen to me. He gave me a couple of injections, and I see him again in 3 months. He answered all my concerns. I highly recommend him. Surgery with him maybe in the future.”
– Angie H.
“Very pleasant and professional answered all questions about my issue. Will follow up.”
– Sharon S.
“Very good.”
– Donald R.
“Dr. Bell explained all my options and left it up to me. I didn’t feel pressured to choose one way or the other. Dr. Bell took his time to explain how my procedure will go and made me feel comfortable with my decision.”
– Jessica T.
– Debbie D.
“Direct, honest, and thorough!”
– Marisa L.
“My finger swelled up and was very painful, and I was able to get a same-day appointment in the office. Dr. Bell numbed my finger, lanced it, drained it, and put a stitch in it. Dr. Bell put me on an antibiotic, and I didn't have to miss any work. I wished I would've gone to him first.”
– Mack K.
“Dr. Bell was beneficial and understanding of my arthritis problem on my right hand finger. The injection and prescription have cut back the pain in my little right-hand finger.”
– Ronald G.
“A return followup appointment for left shoulder and OT therapy. About ten days previous, I have a fall and fell on foot of hosp bed I sleep in, glancing hip on footboard & catching body weight on left arm hurting shoulder, scapula, and ribs. He x-rayed left ribs and pelvis and finding ten rib fracture and contusion of the hip. They are advised to continue OT therapy and, if not better couple weeks to call him. Friendly, courteous doctor.”
– Linda R.
“Dr. Bell is an excellent doctor, friendly, and professional. He explains what was going on with my hand/finger in detail and what he was going to do before he did it and ask me if I had any concerns or questions, and he answered every concern I had. I would recommend him highly to everyone that I know. There are not many doctors that take the time to listen and explain. He answers your concerns; most doctors are in a hurry to run in and out of your room.”
– Janie Y.

Wrist Reviews

“Dr. Bell was amazing!”
– Valerie R.
“Professional and confident. Staff caring and prompt.”
– Robert K.