Todd C. Moen M.D.

Elbow, Shoulder, Sports Medicine
Carrell Clinic Dallas
9301 North Central Expressway
Tower I, Suite 500
Dallas TX 75231

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3800 Gaylord Parkway
Suite 710
Frisco TX 75034

Shoulder Reviews

“Dr. Moen provided excellent care.”
– Karen W.
“Very good. All nurses were professional and always explained what they were doing. Dr. Moen came by on Saturday himself to discharge me, which I appreciated. The hospital doctor was very kind and personable and also came by on Saturday, no P.As. My family and I have referred many patients to doctors Cooper, Dossett, Gladnick, Peters, and now Moen. Thank you for providing excellent care.”
– Mary F.
“Dr. Moen is the best.”
– Shari S.
“Great pre-op care and information and exam. Great professional staff caring for me on the morning of the operation. This all made me very comfortable and helped to calm me. After surgery, the staff was very kind and understanding and prepared me for going home with specific instructions. Dr. Moen stopped by the room and reassured me that all went well. I came back for many follow-up visits, X-rays and consultation time with Dr. Moen. I have done really, really well. Special thanks to Carrell Clinic and staff.”
– Don W.
“On top of the obvious command of his specialty, Dr. Moen exudes empathy. He genuinely cares about positive outcomes.”
– David G.
“Dr. Mohen always has a great attitude and so does his staff. I feel good having surgery with him in the lead.”
– Lanetta J.
“Dr. Moen is awesome. He is very personable and an EXCELLENT surgeon. I went in for my 5-year post-op shoulder replacement appointment. I have never had any problems with this shoulder since my surgery was completed 5 years ago. I highly recommend this talented surgeon.”
– Susan P.
“WOW! I HAVE NO WORDS BUT WILL SAY 5 stars. It has been the best surgery experience!! ALL of the individuals were professional and so very helpful. From the registration desk until I left....5 stars ..Thank you all for being there for me!!! I have and will share Carrell Clinic with others. May the good LORD bless all of you.”
– Ginger J.
“Dr. Moen and his staff have been professional and attentive throughout my pre-surgery, surgical, and post-surgery visits. Dr. Moen always explains everything he tells me and does not rush through our visit. The surgical procedure was explained fully, and I always felt that I was in excellent, competent hands.”
– Laura T.
“Dr. Moen came highly recommended and he has fully lived up to the expectation. My recent surgery went great and the recovery has been better than expected. I would highly recommend Dr. Moen for any shoulder procedure.”
– Johnny A.
“Dr. Moen replaced my left shoulder joint due to the fact I have RA. I no longer have pain and my movement is very good considering he was repairing a botched job from another surgeon not associated with the Carrell Clinic. I was so pleased he was able to save the shoulder. The next year my right shoulder needed to be replaced, again due to RA. I have no pain and 100% movement in my right shoulder joint. Now I have excellent motion and no pain in my shoulders. Dr. Moen is an excellent surgeon. I have total confidence in him.”
– Mariann M.
“I had rotator cuff surgery with Dr. Moen and feel it was very successful. I was impressed with his caring manner. When I had questions, he called me personally and that impressed me a lot.”
– Pat P.
“Dr. Moen is a pleasant matter-of-fact professional to the max. And this is coming from a fellow physician.”
– Alan D.
“Dr. Moen is the best. He was quick to identify the problem and took the time to discuss solutions and treatment going forward. He is an excellent communicator.”
– Christina N.
“Dr. Moen is very patient and fixed my shoulder right up. He is a nice gentleman and a great doctor.”
– Kathleen L.
“Dr. Moen was on time and I was seen promptly, which is uncommon in many medical practices. He listened and spent time understanding my ailment. The treatment was effective with only one iteration of treatment. The physical therapy that he prescribed along with the injection successfully treated my shoulder. I've been pain-free since then.”
– Carrie C.
“The facility is over all very impressive, clean, and well organized. The staff is personable, friendly, and outgoing. Dr. Moen is thorough, complete, and very engaging. I would recommend this group to anyone. I was happy with the treatment and work-up plan.”
– Charles R.
“Outstanding. I’m 56 and I was very, very impressed with the entire team. Nothing short of amazing!”
– David F.
“Dr. Moen is realistic, thorough, and thoughtful. It was my second broken collar bone (another side this time) resulting from mountain biking that Dr. Moen has gotten me through.”
– George E.
“The whole team from start to finish is very efficient and friendly! I got a lot of answers and help. I feel so much better knowing what I’m dealing with. I feel confident that I’m in good hands. I have a long road ahead of me but it’s nice to know there are good people helping me on my road to healing.”
– Sara W.