Timothy A. Straub MD

General Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Joint Replacement with an Interest in Knee & Shoulder Injuries & Minimally Invasive Surgeries (Arthroscopy & Endoscopy)

Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine - Eugene
55 Coburg Road
Eugene OR 97401

Knee Reviews

“Very professional.”
– Richard E.
“I was one of the last elective surgeries done at MWMC. My physical therapy was cut short, and I still have done very well. I have known Dr. Straub for many years, so I was sure of his skill and care. My experience at the hospital was beautiful. Thank you to all who cared for me.”
– Glenda D.
“Dr. Straub is a clear communicator. He has a warm smile, and he looks in my eyes and talks to me, not typing on a computer. He would repeat instructions to me and then ask me to repeat them back to make sure I understood them. I felt his goodness and know of his skill. Because of an accident in the room at the hospital on the evening of my surgery, Dr. Straub had to do another major surgery on the same knee in two days. He was always clear, informative, and kind. And I trust him implicitly.”
– Jane R.
“Everything so organized and respectful. Dr. Straub always does a good job, in all my surgeries.”
– Linda C.
“The staff and Dr. Straub we’re all friendly and professional. I received great directions on my situation, and I got all my questions answered.”
– Greg F.

Shoulder Reviews

“Provider was great! Answered all my questions and gave me all options for treatment. Highly recommend.”
– Jeffrey S.