Seth Coren M.D.

Osteoporosis & Bone Health, Knee, Hip, Back, Spine, Shoulder, Hand, Wrist, Elbow, Ankle, Foot
Vero Orthopaedics - Vero Beach
3955 Indian River Boulevard
Vero Beach FL 32960

Additional Offices

801 Wellness Way, Suite 100
Sebastian FL 32958
“Good determination on the resolution of my pain in the shoulder.”
– George G.
“Dr. Coren is a tremendous full stop very caring, and I sincerely appreciate his help.”
– William J.
“Best medical office in Vero Beach!”
– Nancy P.
“Dr. Corens office is always on time and courteous.”
– Sherri M.
“Very good.”
– Joann P.
“Dr. Coren was prompt, attentive, professional, and personable. He answered all my questions and inspired confidence. I couldn’t be happier with my experience. The nurses and X-ray technicians were also excellent.”
– Ann H.
“Very kind, Dr. Always considerate. Excellent bedside manner.”
– Margaret E.
“Every time, it's a great experience.”
– Katie M.
“I got seen promptly; Dr. Coren checked my knee, ordered X-Rays, which got done immediately. Dr. Coren reviewed them and explained the problem and gave a shot in the knee. He ordered a Bone Density test and instructed me to return in 10 days. No surgery got performed.”
– Mary K.
“Professional and thorough visit. Nurses and staff friendly and cordial.”
– Bethany R.
“The first appointment to discuss osteoporosis. Dr. Cohen was very knowledgeable and explained the disease and treatment options. I was pleased with the entire staff and office.”
– Phyllis S.
“The first-time visit liked Dr. Coren very much, and he took his time to explain.”
– Richard F.
“Very organized staff and I was impressed with them seeing so many patients and taking care of following the rules.”
– Elizabeth B.
“I enjoyed meeting and chatting with Dr. Coren.”
– Joan P.
“Everyone was professional and down to earth. Explanations got given, and a course of action was to get followed.”
– Robert M.
“I felt comfortable with Dr. Coren. I feel great.”
– Barbara N.
“Dr. Coren was kind and explained everything about my condition so I could understand it. I appreciate him.”
– Sandra D.
“I like Dr. Coren. I recommended him to several other of my friends, and they have commented on his knowledge and ability.”
– Cynthia W.
“Pleasant, very informative, and reassuring.”
– Geraldine H.

Knee Reviews

“I’ve been a patient of Vero Orthopaedics & Neurology for a year now. I live over an hour away and could get no satisfaction from the Medical services in my area, so I went to the internet looking for quality health care. I first saw Dr. Coren, I had both a hip and a knee replaced by Dr. Hickman and saw Dr. Howell for a chronic sciatica issue I had been dealing with unsuccessfully for some time. When I contacted The practice and explained what I had been going through, they said to come right in, unheard, or in today’s medicine. My initial eval got done by Dr. Coren, very thorough, including x-rays and steroid shots, to eliminate some of the discomforts while I got set up with Dr. Hickman. He was outstanding from the outset; his two joint replacement surgeries went off without a single issue with me being able to ambulation independently immediately following both operations. Dr. Howell treated my sciatica with by far the best results. From the first person you have contact with to any final treatments, this is the most beautiful run large physician group I have ever experienced. I’ve never waited more than 10 minutes to get seen either, outstanding front to back.”
– David J.