Robert E. Boykin M.D.

Shoulder, Sports Medicine, Knee, Hip
EmergeOrtho: Blue Ridge Division - Asheville – Livingston
75 B Livingston Street
Asheville NC 28801

Additional Offices

2585 Hendersonville Rd
Arden NC 28704

Knee Reviews

“The first thing I’m looking for in a medical provider is to feel confident they understand the problem and address it in the best way. The second thing I’m looking for is kindness- to know they see a person, not just a procedure. I’m so glad we were referred to Dr. Boykin and his PA Chris when my son needed knee surgery. As a worried mom, I felt that my concerns were heard and addressed. From the surgery to the months of recovery, there were no surprises- Dr. Boykin and Chris prepared us well for what was coming. Compassion and tremendous competency- what more could you ask for?”
– Eva H.
“I want to thank Dr. Boykin and his team for helping me restore my ligaments in the knee. From my first appointment here, I felt well taken care of. Dr. Boykin treated me as a person, not another number, to check-off the list. Not only did he have extensive knowledge in this area of expertise, but he also demonstrated genuine care, empathy, and attention. We need more healthcare providers with this perfect mix of knowledge and comforting qualities. He took my worries and beliefs into consideration when doing the plan of care, and he respected them. The surgery results were more successful than I had expected. My knee is functioning well, and I was able to resume my lifestyle. I would recommend Dr. Boykin to anybody.”
– Luz O.

Shoulder Reviews

“When I went to Dr. Boykin, I was in terrible shape with my shoulder. It had hardly any function. Had Surgery in 2020. I had no pain after surgery at all. I did excellent with therapy. Now I have no pain and can do anything with my arm. This was the best decision I ever made.”
– Linda C.
“My first such surgery. Dr. Boykin thoroughly prepared me, and I knew what to expect. The experience was far better than anticipated. Dr. Boykin answered all my questions thoroughly and offered crucial advice about healing well. Suppose I had to miss two weeks in Hawaii with friends because of COVID. This was the next best experience.”
– Donna R.
“Love Dr. Boykin - he is always very caring.”
– Kathi D.
“Very thorough and concerned. So pleased, Dr. Boykin paid attention to even the smallest details, i.e., noticed I lived in Marshall and preferred me to PT in Weaverville (closest to my residence). He previously performed rotator cuff surgery on my husband with remarkable results.”
– Linda B.
“Very nice people, and after I got checked in, I was taken back within 3 min. I like a place that tries to keep a tight schedule that’s on time. My time is worth a lot also so thank you all for that. The doctor was beneficial and will be back.”
– Chad P.
“Dr. Boykin was very professional yet still friendly, very thorough, and I trusted his opinion. His explanations were clear, and his knowledge came through. Additionally, every member of the staff I came in contact with was friendly and professional. So much that I told two of them that it must be a great place to work because everyone is so friendly and seem so happy.”
– Julie M.
“The office visit was great. My appointment was on time, and I was only at the office for half an hour - but was given considerable attention by every staff member I came in contact with.”
– Allison N.
“Charming & professional staff!”
– Kelli M.
“I am a 50 year old male who was diagnosed with a torn meniscus under the care of Dr. Boykin. The surgery needed to repair the injury was scheduled that same day during the same visit. Within a week and a half after that visit, Dr. Boykin performed the required surgery. The surgery went very smoothly, and I left the surgery center a few hours later. I was amazed at the minimal discomfort and pain I had after the surgery and in the following days (48 hours after the surgery, I had enough strength in my repaired knee to gently place the associated foot on the floor). After the surgery, I remained on crutches for only 10 days before I was able to walk carefully on the leg of my repaired knee without the use of the crutches. Each day since, my knee has gotten stronger to where I can put more pressure on the associated foot. It has been just over two weeks since the surgery, and I am now almost fully able to walk on the foot associated with the repaired knee with only very occasional and very minimal discomfort. I am grateful for the incredible recovery I have made, and I am extremely impressed with this recovery.”
– Adam M.
“Dr. Boykin was very professional and explained everything clearly. Awesome.”
– Velma C.