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Shoulder Reviews

“Before choosing a surgeon, I reviewed providers’ backgrounds and patient reviews. I chose Dr. Bahk, and I’m very glad I did. He’s knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate. He thoroughly answers my questions with clear explanations. I travel a long way for visits, but it’s well worth it. I hope I don’t have another joint replacement surgery in the future, but if I do, I will surely choose Dr. Bahk to do it.”
– Susan O.
“I was very pleased with Dr. Bahk. He took the time to explain everything so I could understand what was happening with my shoulder. My reverse total shoulder replacement has improved my quality of life almost entirely pain-free. I am so grateful to be able to use my shoulder and to Dr. Bahk for making it happen.”
– Susan B.
“Dr. Bahk was very professional and extremely efficient in diagnosing my shoulder issues. He tried some alternative remedies, including physical therapy and a cortisone injection at first. But, it was to no avail, and after more x-rays, he determined that surgery was necessary to remedy my shoulder pain. He and the staff have been very courteous and attentive to my needs with appointments, etc.”
– Lawrence C.
“I have been in Dr. Bahk's care for the third time now. He and Physician's Assistant, Neil, and Erika, the Surgery Coordinator, have been wonderful. They respond to my inquiries on a timely basis and answer all my questions, making me feel more confident about my impending surgery.”
– Marion W.
“Dr. Bahk was very courteous & friendly. He explained the surgery and answered all my questions. His whole demeanor was reassuring & I felt more comfortable with the procedure.”
– Donna J.
“Doctor Bahk was fabulous. I would highly recommend him.”
– Bonnie Z.
“Had my left shoulder replacement (total) by Dr. Bahk. It was an excellent experience and left me with no unanswered questions. Dr. Bahk answered all questions and put me at ease, and always seemed to have my best interest at heart.”
– Jonchristian H.
“Six weeks ago, Dr. Bahk and his team delivered exceptional results in replacing my arthritis damaged shoulder. I had anticipated a difficult recovery and found quite the opposite. I found the team of people at SCOI to be extremely well organized and provided the best professional service I could imagine. I will recommend SCOI to anyone requiring orthopedic care.”
– Jack E.
“Dr. Bahk is an exceptional doctor and surgeon. From the moment I met him, I knew I could trust him. He explained my condition and the available options we had. Once we discussed everything, I knew the surgery was the best option and that he would take excellent care of me, and I was not wrong. The aftercare was just as he said. The recovery process is better than I expected, and all thanks to Dr. Bahk. I would recommend him to anyone any day.”
– Gayana A.
“Initially I had trepidations about undergoing a surgical replacement of my left shoulder. My shoulder had limited range of motion and had become painful with even limited normal daily motion, activity and lifting anything above shoulder height. My expectations were that the surgery might relieve some of the pain and return some of my shoulder's functionality. I chose Dr. Bahk and SCOI to perform the procedure because Dr. Bahk has experience performing this particular shoulder replacement surgery and was recommended to me by Dr. Richard Ferkel (who had recently performed a tendon repair surgery on my ankle/foot). Dr. Bahk fully explained what I should expect as a surgical outcome, and what the post-surgery physical therapy and rehab routine would be. The post-surgery discomfort and pain was far less than I had initially anticipated. I was able to begin range of motion therapy soon after removing the slin , and the PT they and rehab regimen has begun to pay significant returns in both increasing my strength, range of motion, and functionality. I have felt almost zero discomfort, as I have followed the prescribed PT and rehab regimen. I couldn't be happier with the post-surgical results and my continued progress in PT/rehab. It was worth the long two and half hour drives from San Bernardino County to SCOI for the pre and post surgical appointments with Dr. Bahk. I am seventy years old, yet I am now confident that I'm on my way to a full recovery and a return to my daily functionality ...and even my backpacking and high altitude hiking activities. I would recommend SCOI and Dr. Bahk to anyone seeking advice on how to repair a disabled shoulder. Thank You, Dr. Bahk.”
– Dave M.
“Dr. Michael Bahk performed surgery on my right shoulder on May 28, 2019 to repair a torn rotator cuff. The surgery and recovery went great, and with the help of Physical Therapy (Barley Physical Therapy) I have full function of my shoulder with absolutely no pain. I would recommend Dr Bahk to anyone who needs surgery!”
– Timothy G.
“Dr.Bahk should have 1000 star rating”
– Cecil W.
“Very thorough explaining the procedure, what to expect for pain after the surgery and time for recovery. I would recommend Dr.Bahk to anyone.”
– Romie J.
“Dr. Bahk made me feel at ease with the whole process with the Pre-op and then again before the surgery. And my shoulder is feeling great.”
– Daryl G.

Elbow Reviews

“Dr. Bahk is incredible. I had a basic fall while jogging, which resulted in multiple nasty fractures on my elbow joint. It required a lot of work to fix it just right so I would gain my full range of motion back, given the extent of the injury, and honestly, no one could have fixed it the way Dr. Bahk did. My recovery post-op has been very smooth. I would trust him and his expertise with my eyes closed. He is also super friendly and patiently answers all your questions and concerns. Also, his team (Erica and Taylor) were both very friendly and helpful, and Taylor made my experience smooth from the first day I stepped into their office for a consult throughout the entire process. Very grateful to them all.”
– Harsha K.

Knee Reviews

“Dr. Bahk is a excellent surgeon. I never worried about doing what he said to do. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an orthopedic surgeon.”
– Laura B.
“Dr. Bahk treated me with respect and answered all my questions. He was patient with me and reassured me when I was worried about my knee injury. He explained everything to me regarding the surgery and what to expect after. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Bahk.”
– Cori C.
“Dr. Bahk and the staff provide wonderful patient care.”
– Judy L.