Maxwell Alley M.D.

Sports Medicine, Knee, Shoulder, Trauma
Verified Patient Rating: 5 (21 patient reviews and ratings)
The Bone & Joint Center - Albany
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Albany, NY 12206

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“I was extremely satisfied with Dr. Alley's patience in explaining everything and his sense of humor. I had a great experience.”
– Sophia C.
“Dr. Alley went above and beyond to help our daughter's who were in an awful car accident. He performed emergency surgery on our youngest daughter then made sure our oldest was scheduled within a few days rather than weeks. Thank you, Dr. Alley, for taking such good care of our babies!”
– Melissa R.
“First-time patient, no wait time, informative, and easy to talk too.”
– Bob S.
“I was in to see Dr. Alley due to a bad fall on my left shoulder. Dr. Alley did surgery on this shoulder three years ago, and before that, surgery on my right shoulder. I have always had a great experience with him. He is down to earth, doesn't sugar coat anything, and always explains everything. This visit was no different. He cares about his patients. Also, the staff that worked with me were all delightful. I will always go to Dr. Alley, and The Bone & Joint Center for any Ortho needs. A big thank you to all.”
– Richard B.
“Dr. Alley was a true professional. I had been having issues with my shoulder, and a lot of pain he diagnosed my problem gave me an injection, and I was feeling much better by the time I left.”
– Danielle P.
“Relieved, I saw Dr. Alley today. Now I feel like I can start thinking about how my knee can get fixed, rather than why does my knee still hurt.”
– Patricia N.
– Kevin D.
“ I’m thrilled everyone was very professional! I was x-rayed and receives Cortizone shots in each knee and immediately feel better—immediate relief.”
– John W.
“Dr. Alley was extremely professional when dealing with me. He is very personable and I would recommend him to anyone. There was very little wait time.”
– Wendy K.
“Dr. Alley was terrific. He listened to my answers, and I left feeling assured by his answers. The problem may be different than I thought when I made the appointment, but I feel confident we'll find the right solution.”
– Virginia P.
“Dr. Alley was very professional. He took the time to ask questions and listen to my responses. I would highly recommend him.”
– Ellin C.
“Dr. Alley is a very nice and informative physician. Great job with Cortisone injection, kind, patient. Glad to be his new patient.”
– Nsncy P.
“Dr. Alley is very knowledgeable and explained my knee problem very clearly. I understood my concerns regarding knee replacement. The injection he performed was the least painful I've had. I will see Dr. Alley again if needed in the future.”
– Constance D.
“Great doctor!”
– John H.
“Dr. Alley is a charming person who explained what my issue could be and the best way to treat it at this time. My primary doctor referred me to the Bone and Joint Center, and I’m glad she did! Hopefully, I won’t need to return right away, but I won’t hesitate to if the situation changes. I will also refer anyone who needs an orthopedic doctor to the center, thanks!”
– Gary M.
“I had a great experience. Dr. Alley was great, along with his staff.”
– Lori R.
“Dr. Alley was quick, informative, in a comfortable manner. I didn’t like what he told me, but it was pleasant to ask questions which got answered in a way I could understand.”
– Victoria L.
“Dr. Alley makes sure I make the best decision possible, and I appreciate it a whole lot.”
– Jacqueline C.

Shoulder Reviews

“This was my third surgical procedure with Dr. Alley in the last few years and my sixth surgical procedure within the group. Dr. Alley and his direct staff, Lisa, provided great medical care and listened to and answered questions or concerns I had about the process. As a patient, I appreciated Dr. Alley's bedside manner, especially as I’ve gotten older and have had many other unnerving medical encounters elsewhere. Thank you, Dr. Alley and Lisa.”
– Elizabeth V.

Knee Reviews

“Surgeon Max Alley and the staff have been absolutely wonderful from the initial diagnosis, surgery itself, and follow-up.”
– Alysa M.
“Dr. Alley did a wonderful job of caring for my daughter's injuries. He was able to push through a STAT MRI and perform her surgery in less than 2 weeks from the date of injury. Dr. Alley takes the time to answer any questions you have. My daughter's physical therapist complimented her knee surgery as well stating “He (Dr. Alley) did a great job”.”
– Corrie S.