Heather A. Campion MD

Hand & Wrist
Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine - Eugene
55 Coburg Road
Eugene OR 97401

Additional Offices

3377 RiverBend Drive, 3rd Floor
Springfield OR 97477

Hand Reviews

“Dr. Campion did a great job on the surgery. She explained what she was doing very well. I highly recommend Dr. Campion.”
– Wade H.
“Dr. Campion was very thorough in her exam, and very helpful in explaining the procedure to me.”
– Ricki C.
“Very happy with my surgery. I am still doing physical therapy to work on my hand span. I like how COVID precautions got implemented.”
– Mary M.
“ It was worth the drive from Coos Bay to have my finger rebuilt. The pain is gone. Dr. Campion and the staff made it seem such an easy fix. But I know it wasn't. Thanks, Slocum Center for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine!”
– Georgia R.
“Dr. Campion is one smart, skilled surgeon. She repaired my hand--but more importantly, she treated my sister, a severe case. No-one could figure it out. Dr. Campion did a carpal tunnel release on her, and she was the only doctor to figure out my sister and Acid-Fast Bacillus. I'm convinced Dr. Campion saved her hand. I am a tremendous admirer of Dr. Campion, and I thank Goddess for her every day.”
– Michelle S.
“I thought Dr. Campion did an excellent job trying to diagnose and find ways to help me. My situation is unique and rare. She gave me options and listened to what I had to say, and together we came to the best care plan for me.”
– Molly W.
“I was very impressed with how quickly you guys got me in.”
– Tim W.
“Dr. Campion was very thorough; she explained arthritis, what my options were, and what to expect after surgery. I would recommend Dr. Campion to anyone with a traumatic hand injury.”
– Steven S.
“I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right wrist on March 12th. I was treated with courtesy by all staff, and Dr. Campion was friendly and efficient. Everything went very well, even though I was anxious about not being able to use my hand for a while. Unfortunately, my followup visit had to get canceled due to the coronavirus shutdown. But I was able to speak on the phone with a staff member. If I had insisted, I could have gone in, but we both felt it was not necessary. My recovery has been functional, although it took a bit longer than 2-3 days. It was more than three weeks before the occasional pain in my wrist disappeared. Keeping ice on the incision took care of much of the discomfort. My experience was positive, and I may schedule surgery for my left hand in the future. I appreciate the excellent service I received.”
– Elizabeth P.

Wrist Reviews

“Very professional staff. Low-stress operation. Put me at ease.”
– Rick S.