Deborah A. Castañeda MD

Southern California Orthopedic Institute - Simi Valley
3605 Alamo Street
Simi Valley CA 93063

Additional Offices

375 Rolling Oaks Dr.
Thousand Oaks CA 91361

Foot Reviews

“Dr. Castañeda did a tricky surgery on my foot. She was an excellent surgeon but moreover was a fantastic doctor. Her staff that facilitated the surgery were helpful, and it was really well planned.”
– Mea B.
“Dr. Castañeda is very knowledgeable and friendly. I trust her.”
– Diane N.
“Dr. Castañeda and her staff were wonderful and very patient with all my questions. I feel their care was the best possible care I could have received. I also really like the numerous emails they sent, asking if I had any questions during my recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Castañeda and her staff!”
– Donna B.
“Excellent expereince with Dr. Castañeda.”
– David B.
“Dr. Castañeda is the brightest, most fabulous individual & surgeon I have ever met. I have had 36 surgeries in the last 25 years, half of those by orthopedic surgeons, many from the UCLA system, which is like no other in the world! She is the best.”
– Richard F.

Ankle Reviews

“Dr. Castañeda has been welcoming, informative, and efficient. Surgery was on time, successful, and everything she said.”
– Joy E.
“Dr. Castaneda is very skilled and is genuinely concerned with her patients outcome. She offers excellent pre-op advise and post-op support.”
– Ronald M.
“Dr. Castaneda is patient, clear, and listens to what I have. The doctor understands when I tell her something is painful. She has a bright, personable personality.”
– Kathy L.
“My experience with Dr. Castañeda was superior.”
– Michael B.
“I have seen Dr. Castañeda in the past, including surgery on my foot for Morton’s Neuroma. I trust her implicitly and do not mind having to wait when the office is busy. I feel that Dr. Castañeda gives her patients her full attention.”
– Moira S.
“Dr. Castañeda was very efficient and friendly.”
– Lisa G.
“Dr. Castaneda is an extremely capable physician who is empathetic to her patients concerns, explains the available options and has consistently helped me with my orthopedic problems.”
– Ralph H.
“Dr. Castaneda was thorough in her examination, discussed options, in order of importance for me, and wrote a beneficial Rx method as a guide for PT. My plantar fasciitis has been much better than I could travel reasonably well for a month in Greece.”
– Rini B.
“Great Dr.”
– Laura H.