Brad L Bernacki M.D.

Ankle, Back, Elbow, Foot, Hand, Hip, Joint Replacement, Knee, Neck, Orthopedic Trauma, Pediatric Orthopedics, Shoulder, Spine, Sports Medicine, and Wrist
Orthopedic Specialists & Sports Medicine
2750 Newark-Granville Road
Granville OH 43023
“They were very patient with me. It took a while to verify my insurance but they assured me it would be taken care of soon and it was. I’m very new to Medicare. Dr. Bernacki and the staff were very professional and were very caring!”
– Lois Y.
“Dr. Bernacki and his staff were friendly and prompt in trying to reschedule surgery, which had got canceled due to the Coronavirus.”
– Carole D.
“Awesome care.”
– Brent S.
“Dr. Bernacki was very attentive and exact in his purposed treatment.”
– Gerard B.
“He was quick and advised of next steps.”
– Kristen N.
“Dr. Bernacki came in and listened to what I had to say. And he asked me what name I went by, and heard me! I’ve never had a doctor ask before they always call me by my first name.”
– Lucy R.
“Dr. Bernacki was very helpful; he is the first doctor willing to look for my source of pain. I am so over being in chronic pain for the past three years. I feel that no matter the outcome, he will get met, where I need to be so daily living and dealing with pain is better. The staff was friendly everyone was very timely.”
– Julie B.
“Friendly staff. The doctor was great at explaining what was wrong.”
– Riley H.
“I haven’t had surgery or a diagnosis yet. MRI and X-rays. But the experience was pleasant and efficient.”
– Donna H.
“I was entirely satisfied with Dr. Bernacki and staff and will use them (if needed) and recommend them to all I run into that need professional help.”
– Lloyd F.

Knee Reviews

“Dr. Bernacki is a very knowledgeable and caring doctor. He gave me all of my options so that I could decide what was best for me.”
– Christine D.

Shoulder Reviews

“We started with this practice 29 years ago and both my wife and I have had some serious surgeries by Doctors Quinjim and Bernacki. All of them went well. We feel confident in their abilities.”
– Eugene C.