Robert J. D'Agostini Jr. M.D.

Ankle, Hip, Joint Replacement, Knee, Shoulder, and Sports Medicine
Tri-County Orthopedics - Cedar Knolls
197 Ridgedale Ave.
Cedar Knolls NJ 07927

Additional Offices

1590 Rte. 206 North
Bedminster NJ 07921
“Dr. D’Agostini gave me a cortisone shot in my left knee. He was friendly and knew his stuff.”
– Margaret B.
“Dr. D'Agostini explained very clearly what the problem was and also explained very clearly how he was treating it.”
– Louise O.
“Dr. D'Agostini is a professional and excellent, very thorough.”
– Adam G.
“Dr. D'Agostini explained my options to me about a hip replacement he took his time. I didn’t feel rushed. I got such a warm feeling, and the clincher was when he said. Don’t worry; we are going to take good care of you.”
– Sandy W.
“Dr. D’Agostini is the consummate pro. He gets right to the key facts: a clear assessment of the problem. Effective treatment program to alleviate discomfort and measure the degree of physical improvement, and indicated probable next steps based on the outcome of the 2-week treatment program.”
– Gregory K.
“I was able to discuss my injury in detail and he was able to diagnose the issue after having me do some movements.”
– Carol H.
“Best of the best, nothing but praise for the expertise and handling of my issues!”
– John T.
“Excellent manner and explained everything in detail.”
– Robett C.
“Perfect and explained things.”
– Suzanne S.
“Dr. D'Agostini is super professional, knowledgeable, and efficient.”
– Jeffrey L.
“I was taken to the office right away and followed by an X-ray. Dr. D'Agostini came in and reviewed the X-ray. He advised nothing major. I should be fine after taking medication.”
– Gail G.
“Excellent experience with Dr. D’Agostini. He was very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend it.”
– Sharon C.
“I got treated promptly and courteously. All of my questions got answered. I was given and shown how yo do the exercises correctly at home so I could maintain and strengthen my arm/rotator cuff. I would recommend Dr. D'Agostini and the practice.”
– Brian D.
“Dr. D'Agostini was very friendly and thorough. He took the time to explain diagnosis and treatment. I did not feel rushed at all. The office staff was polite as well. I would highly recommend him.”
– Tatiana B.
“All questions answered and the problem addressed and taken care of.”
– Anne E.
“Ruptured biceps and a little rotor cuff damage! The doctor came up with a corse of action which is working.”
– Frank K.

Hip Reviews

“Old school doctor for a young guy, doesn't play games doesn't pull punches do what he tells you, and you'll be fine!”
– Ralph G.
“Dr. D’Agostini is an excellent surgeon, concerned with all details. He got highly recommended to me, and I would highly recommend him.”
– Joyce M.
“As always Dr. D’Agostini is spot on! Precise and to the point.”
– Elissa S.
“He’s direct and thorough, and I appreciate that.”
– Leslie W.

Knee Reviews

“I have been with Dr. D’Agostini since I was five years old. Now, almost 25 years and three surgeries later, he is still the best! I have the utmost confidence in Dr. D’Agostini and would highly recommend it.”
– Jemma S.
– Irene F.