Kasra Ahmadinia MD

Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma - Tulsa – CityPlex Clinic
2406 East 81st Street, Suite 290
Tulsa OK 74137
“Dr. Ahmadinia explained everything before surgery, and the surgery was successful. He is a very good surgeon and a good, humble person.”
– Enagala R.
“Dr. Ahmadinia was a huge answer to my prayers, and he didn’t offer a bandaid being confident he could help me providing me with years of praying for pain relief without just throwing pills at me.”
– Patti S.
“ Dr. Ahmadinia is very friendly and informative. He didn’t get in a hurry and told me all about my back and just what could be done for it.”
– Louise R.
“I was satisfied with the results of the visit. He seemed knowledgeable, caring, and spent quality time with me.”
– Bobbie D.
“Very professional and will describe all concerns in a very understanding way for a layperson. Thank you.”
– Jerome A.
“He was very nice. He listened to my problems and we decided the best course of action. He explained everything in a way I understood what was going on. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends. I will be using him for a long time I hope.”
– Bobbi M.

Back Reviews

“Dr. Ahmadinia is one of the few best MD surgeons in the State of Oklahoma and his partner William" Will" I do not know the last name of Will, but you can so rest assured that you're in perfect conditions and are in the best hands! Thanks to these two and some of the staff, I am still able to walk "pain-free? NO, "but can they fix me? YES! I have so much faith in them, they are not about the money nor do they give up on you "if they cannot find the reason why you're still in pain they will go above and beyond and will do what it takes to make sure you're not in pain! I so appreciate everything they have done for me so far they are trying to get down to the bottom of the source to define my most significant pain issues with my back, I must say I am one of the worst cases they have seen "I would post Pictures however I do not want to gross you out. I am not a big baby I have sucked it up as much as I could I have had this pain since I was ten years old "I am now 43 I had a tough childhood as my so-called dad was very abusive, to make a crying bleeding story short Dr. Ahmadinia and Will has saved my life! I can not thank them enough yet still in the process. We will get through this pain together as a team! I am so very Blessed!”
– Catherine W.